Other #EdTech workers who are doing Masters or PhD - are you the pain in the ass student who complains about surveillance tech in their courses?

@jasonlamb This was the exact reason I quit teaching as a side gig. Considering you're likely spending 10+ hours a week on a 3 hour in-person course, and more than that for an online course, it's not anywhere close to minimum wage.

@RobBelliveau @gregsabatine Yeah we reported that bug this morning. Not just limited to Safari, happens in Firefox as well.

@jasonlamb So it defeats the purpose of finding stuff out.

@D2LBarry Boston was my first, and the most fun.

@barrydahl Could you also share everything you know about beer and tennis while you're at it?

@jasonlamb When were selling off my Dads stuff after his death, my kid made the spectator ad with "not haunted" as part of the sales pitch. We all laughed.

@jennihayman I would suggest Audrey Waters should be in this list.