@JFreshHockey Wait til someone comes up with some "great" penalties/60 and calls it the grit factor or something. We'll be yearning for offside discussions.

@ClareSealy @bjaerosmith @C_Hendrick My answer for this is don't assess the end product (essay) assess the process - first drafts, annotated bibliographies, feedback and improvements. It changes the way you assess, but let students use AI for generating the essay proposal. Feedback shifts it to their voice.

@krussellphd1 @ReninaWrites They also make things clear, and make expectations explicit. If your assignments do that, then you probably don't need one. Creativity can be accounted for with rubrics. Where rubrics often fail is the components of "meeting a standard" that is often based on white standards.

@jasonlamb I hope that's part of your feedback, hahaha

@jasonlamb You were paid to test it, not to act as QA.

@joedale @mansiontwit I have one, and it's stellar. The price is worth it.

@jasonlamb I think they were banking on a breakout season. Montreal dodged a bullet there.

@PazzoArrabbiata @sirmastrjamie Try one of the many unions in the media industry.

@burritosesh @trustablegenius It's the sort of thing important to the local scene, but I don't think it'll resonate on a global level. Youth Youth Youth and Direct Action are the two best TOHC from the 80's.