EDCMOOC Week 5 – Digital Artifact

I’ve levelled my criticism of the course on twitter, mostly that I think the 99% of things in between education dystopia or utopian scenarios are far more interesting than exploring the margins. However, I’m a sucker for a certificate, maybe that speaks to the underlying need for acceptance and acknowledgement. Enough self analysis for one day, here’s my artifact.

EDCMOOC Project/Artifact from Jon Kruithof on Vimeo.

For accessibilty issues, I didn’t have time to caption the video, but the script is here:

So you want to talk about technology in education, seeing if it meets your needs for utopia, or dystopia. We could examine the benefits of how each technological advances changes or reinforces education.

We could look at the ways we teach better today with technology, or reinforce the same power system that keep us teaching in a manner that we were taught. Maybe that’s right?

Or maybe the conversation should be about finding the words to describe how we’re going to make education better tomorrow. Maybe it’s about taking time to think and act on how ways we can affect change and make education better. More like one’s utopian concept rather than what education currently is.

I typically get asked how long it takes to do these sorts of things – this one minute video took about 12 hours to construct from writing the script, fine tuning words, finding creative commons licensed images and video, creating the title screens in Photoshop and Gimp, selecting a typeface, working with the images and finally putting it together in Windows Movie Maker. Yes, Windows Movie Maker is a great free program for stitching together videos. I created the music using Fruity Loops, there’s demos out there and the software has a good academic/student license.