The Future Is Now?

Been a busy week so far, but I’m rounding out my teaching here at the College – no more XML, Fireworks or Searching courses for me. I’ve been thinking about putting together a course about 21st Century Literacy using online resources, free and open sources and in general making the course as open as possible. Of course, this won’t appear overnight, and will probably take a long time to cull and gather into themes. Here’s a quick list of topics that might be covered:

  • Evaluating website information (CRAP method, 5 journalistic questions method)
  • Searching strategies (how Search Engines work)
  • Tools that aggregate information (RSS)
  • Methods to collect/sort information (not exclusively tool based, some cognitive)
  • How authority is challenged in (by?) the new paradigm
  • The art of the remix (video capture, editing and narratives) and what it means for the end user

Am I missing something? I’m sure I am – let me know if there’s something crucial that I’m out to lunch on. I want this to course to be 50% theory and 50% practical skills… understanding the why and the how.

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