Hmm, I suppose I’ll look back at this moment in a few months with a hearty guffaw, and muse “Oh Jon, there’s such a simple solution.” These are truly “first world problems” if I’ve ever heard them. Oh yeah, Barry Dahl’s video is incredibly useful, except it doesn’t actually show how he embeds the wiki in D2L – it basically shows you how to embed stuff in a wiki which is embedded in D2L. Close to what I need. Yes, I’ve e-mailed to see if Barry can help sort out my muddled mind, but venting never hurts.

EDIT: After a brief phone call, he’s still baffled, I’m ready to tear my moustache out.

I’ve been trying to embed a MediaWiki in my proposed D2L version of my Searching The Internet Effectively course. I’d like to constrict the opening of this page to remain in the frameset that D2L exists in so students can pop back and forth between the content that’s in the course, and the wiki to add their own content. Every method of embedding I’ve tried opens the wiki in a new page. I’m beginning to wonder if the damn thing is set to automatically open in a new page…. or maybe Firefox is overriding some weird thing. First of all framesets?? Give me a break. If framesets get deprecated anytime soon (as they should) D2L is in for a major redesign. Talk about a total head-scratcher.

Also, I hate IE. I thought when I got out of web design as a career that I could learn to like, accept, ok not hate IE. Wrong. IE is crap. IE 8 is OK passable, except that when you useĀ  the TinyMCE editor in D2L in an IE browser (IE 8 included), it strips out co-ordinates of an image map. And other attributes of the object tag. WTF??

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  2. I’ve tried to get a number of wikis working in D2L but with no luck. I had hope for TiddlyWiki, which is basically all JS, HTML and CSS, but D2L borked on the heavy JS in the file. But it still seems to be the one with the most potential. I am going to continue hacking away at it as a side project to see if it will work.

  3. I’ve discovered the version of MediaWiki we have is really behind the times and if upgrading doesn’t solve the issue, I can manually cut out the javascript part that’s causing it to pop out of the frame. Seems like a pain in the butt, especially considering that D2L is not supporting frames as it goes forward. It’s unfortunate that D2L doesn’t have a more robust collaborative tool set.

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