Expanding On A Comment

So, in my travels of the web sometime last week I commented (and I’m not sure where it was or else I would link to it):

As information broadcasting grows, people will learn to segment, filter and otherwise cognitively deal with it. It will be interesting to see if this turns into a new form of learning disability or if people who cannot deal with information in mass quantities will have an information psychosis of some sort.

I was wondering if ADD/ADHD might be the brain’s way of trying to cope with information overload – speed up the cognitive process as new information comes in. Then ADD fades for most people as they approach adulthood as they begin to be able to cope with information. Just spitballin’ a theory, which probably has a whole bunch of holes in it already. Time for caffiene.

EDIT: Found the link – http://ulop.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/data-reduction/

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