Looking Forward To..

Hmm. I’ve been really hammering at my department to start thinking mobile. It’s kind of an uphill battle, but I think that overall it’s one worth fighting. For instance, we know that the developing world is mostly using mobile technology to access websites and connect. I know that Asian and European countries are way ahead of us in 3G phone usage and technology. If we are to market this institution as a place of education for the international student, it would make sense to hit them where they actually look.

I’ve been pushing to investigate ways to broadcast SMS video clips (initially I thought for second language learners, but anyone who needs vocabulary growth can benefit from it). Now, I know that you can do SMS text broadcasts (providing you know the numbers of the recipients). I know very, very little about SMS, cellphones (hell, I don’t even own one) and most of that technology. I do understand that for learning to be effective, you have to give people the options to take it whenever they can. If they’re on the bus, this gives them a twenty second clip to study. If they’re going somewhere, they could get a link to browse the clip later.

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