Busy Time Of Year

Sorry for the lack of posts. I did want to check in and say I’ve been busy working over here now, as opposed to within a department at the college. I’m hoping I can bring forth a few new projects to implement that will enhance what goes on here. It’s a good time to have moved on, and the new work is going to be a bit more challenging and hopefully some of it won’t seem like work at all.

Also, I’m beginning my fourth core course at Brock University in the Adult Education program. This time around it’s “Work and Learning in Organizations”. Considering my life as a punk (“and I like Sham”), I have always had an aversion to corporate life, it’s probably why I thought academia was a good place for me (having heard about all these radicals teaching and such). I can’t say I’m looking forward to this course. The reading list looks fairly uninteresting, and the materials look to be laid out the same as the previous course that I didn’t particularly like. Part of the problem was that the essays closely mimicked the work that we did in class. The first and last assignments particularly covered the exact same stuff we did in class, it felt that it was a waste of time. Maybe the connections between the in class work and the assignments were not closely tied enough…

Needless to say, I know from some of the previous readings and getting to know some of the authors, we’ll at least have a pro-labor/union standpoint, as would be expected from an emancipatory education perspective that the whole course has taken.

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