Content “Curation”

From a list of CNN’s 10 Web Trends To Watch in 2010, we see the traditional augmented reality and geolocation trends – the further blending of online and offline life – but the one that really popped off the page for me was the idea of content curation – the sort of expert opinion sorting information for you that traditional education has done. The fact that crowdsourcing isn’t even an option in this brief article is interesting, seeing as crowdsourcing was among the trends of years past. It seems that there’s shaping up to be two ways to think about content curation – by experts and by common thought.

Content curation by experts mimics the “sage on the stage”, teacher at the front of the class, behaviorist. Content curation by common thought (where we agree to the meaning of something by a majority rule) is more constructivist, or connectivist in approach.