What I Learned This Week (Part 10)

Why Digital Natives Aren’t…. is a great read that busts up the generalizations that prevail in the media. Like a billion others writing on blogs, I’m not a fan of the Digital Natives tag (nor Digital Immigrants and the rest).  While I see some value in the generalizations, not as defining characteristics of an age range but as defining characteristics of groups of people. Certainly the tech savvy folks I know are much more Digital Native than some of the supposed generation.

Malcolm McLaren is dead. Or maybe not, it could be a hoax. Everyone seems to blame/celebrate him for creating punk, which is hogwash. Punk was a movement that McLaren capitalized on, like all good businessmen. He didn’t create it, but saw it as his opportunity to push some buttons and push some boundaries. That’s the inspiration I take from him, and many others, in my teaching and work.