NerdTrivia as a Method of Assessment

Nerd Trivia  is a Twitter based interactive  game where questions are asked and answers are given via direct message. An @ message is generated to indicate whether or not your answer was given as correct. I had never really considered this as a tool for education it was a distraction (a happy one at that). However, after reading about how it was constructed using Twitter’s API, I got to thinking about how this idea could be extended to education. Sure, there is a natural fit in the K-12 realm, where drilling and memorization has to occur out of necessity to form the building blocks for later knowledge. But those idea do extend to higher education in some respects. The open ended questions are a good way  (well better than, say multiple choice) to test one’s knowledge – sure they could google the answer – but in the context of a course – does it matter how the student gets to know the answer? Whether they find it themselves or know it from a lecture, or video they’ve viewed it does not seem to me important. What is important is that they were driven to find it.