My Internet Vacation

So for the last seven days I went on a vacation with the family. It was also an unintended vacation from the Internet, which really was an interesting exercise. I usually check e-mail, update the blog and do other miscellaneous tasks. I decided at the last minute to leave the laptop at home… and I didn’t miss it. Of course, I had over 200 e-mails to clear out yesterday between my three e-mail accounts (I know, I know, not that big a deal). I also did use my iPod Touch in the Orlando airport (thank you free wifi) an hour before the plane departed, and I did try out the iPad in the Apple Store in the Florida Mall (underwhelmed). There was a couple of times where I wanted the Disney World app (which tells you wait times, character locations and other information tidbits) or the weather forecast for the day, but ultimately, I didn’t require it. In fact the two Internet addicts I live with were jonesing for YouTube and Facebook more than I was missing e-mail, twitter and everything else I connect to on a daily basis. It was kind of pleasant not thinking for a while.