Google Is Not My Curator

I don’t want anyone else to curate search results. If I want to curate my own experience, I want to do it on my desktop, on my terms, with my data and my experience. Not with their data, with their choices, with their algorithms and frankly their shit. I can curate my own search results, thank you very much. I guess I’ve gone from Google fanboy (basing an entire course around it) to disgruntled search addict. You know you’re a bad company (yes, you Google) when Microsoft and Yahoo look good in comparison. I wonder if DuckDuckGo is any better? It sure as hell couldn’t be any worse.

Here’s a link to a PDF of the FTC document filed by Centre for Digital Democracy.

Curation As A Method of Digital Teaching

George Siemens, Connectivism ruminator, has explored the idea of teacher as a curator previously, and it has come up again today courtesy of a tweet from @hjarche. Even though I was a participant in CCK08, and marginally involved in CCK09, I didn’t recall these ideas of what the teacher would become, although I do recall discussing the concept a few times in the chats in Elluminate. Curation is an interesting metaphor for teaching in the new technological environment – gather and display evidence, sometimes in a structured path, and allow conversation to develop from there. Allow the user/learner to make sense and meaning, then interject to either drive conceptual points further, or provide counter-points. I’d like to think this is what I do, but I’m not so sure. Even though feedback about my teaching is always positive, and people feel that they’ve learned something… I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe I need to ask better questions.