Silent Running

So I got a work vacation (an unwanted one) from the college, but I’ll be working again soon. In the meantime here’s what I’ve been working on:

21st Century Literacies course: I laid out the weekly breakdown and scheduled a meeting with the co-ordinator of the department that wants me to deliver it. I’m mulling over how the course will functionally work – I suspect I’ll show people some media related skills (Photoshop, Premiere) and then let them take it to the next step and apply it to their projects. Need to think of the small stuff – short hashtag for the course would be slightly important.

Brushing up on Distance Ed: I think my next direction will be in the Distance Education delivery – so I’ve been reading some theory (courtesy of Tony Bates and Terry Anderson’s writing). Also been applying at a couple of Toronto based colleges and universities. I don’t have a degree (yet), so I’m banking on almost a decade of experience with LMS’s helping out.

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