@jasonlamb With that said, there is sometime value in changing the way the thing is delivered - if it's repurposed and made new sometimes that breathes new life, but again, that takes a skilled hand and time . I wish that all academic material could be memes.

@jasonlamb Like when we had guest speakers in, and (video)tape their keynotes - those videos have less than a dozen views over a year. While I'm all for producing archival materials, the time/effort to impact is absolutely less than having a conversation with someone.

@charleswlogan That's a funny statement because so often Universities and Colleges put their internal comments on public facing websites. I know that with contentious software, lots of people object, criticize and take ethical stands, but it would never be the official position.

@jasonlamb I think I've actively discouraged two of these. Very few people have the energy to make a podcast worthwhile to listen to, and/or have guests that consistently are worth listening to. Just skip it.

@jasonlamb Water cool it with the bubble gum dispenser as a resevoir

@noiseprofessor @4msCompany @grantpotter @brlamb @draggin @sleslie There's a module called ears that does the same sort of thing, just throw a pietzo mic or even a signal from a drum mic to trigger synth.

@CleaMahoney I've seen that behaviour as well. I believe there's a known issue with content completion - but maybe this is different that what we've seen.

@jasonlamb Media Arts diploma then a B Ed.

@Bali_Maha So I prefer a doc back from folks so I have a saved version I can look back on.