CCK08 Final Piece

CCK08 – Ahhh, the culminating piece of learning. Here’s a synthesis of my connections in the moodle forum that raises a few questions on the nature of memory in a world where everything is recorded (such as the forum). I’ve found I’ve forgotten to remember what was discussed, much less with whom and why. Here’s a 3 minute Flash based presentation about that, created in Camtasia and recorded in my home studio on a Korg D888 multitrack recorder and a sublime Audio Technica AT2020 (really, a great mic at around $125).

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  1. Jenny Mackness says:

    This is great! I don’t think I had exactly the same experience as you. Definitely a number of connections came and went and some cam back again – but some steadily grew throughout the course. As fo you, the number of connections I made was small. Also small is the number that I can maintain at any one time. And I can completely relate to you about memory. Mine always has been bad and is getting worse with age and this does make this type of working difficult. It occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to do the type of presentation that Lisa did, not only because I haven’t the technical skills, but also because I wouldn’t remember the content of so many films!

    Thanks for your post.

  2. dietsociety says:

    Here’s how I did this… I drew the basics in Fireworks, an Adobe product but you could achieve a similar look in Microsoft Publisher or in a freeware drawing tool. Put one picture per slide in Powerpoint and have a transition between slides (fade in this case). Then screen capture using something like Camtasia and that makes it a Flash movie. I recorded my voice over on a mic in my home studio, but any old computer mic will do. I then did the sync work in Camtasia. Or save it to AVI and burn to a DVD for home viewing.

    Sure, that’s a lot of different technologies, but even with a basic grasp you could do something similar. I wish I had more time to explore Flex, which is what I thought I would use to create this visualization. I also have a background in this sort of thing, so maybe it just comes easy for me?

    As for the content, I agree, I made a few connections that I hope will last. At least, they’re added to my work RSS feed. Memory is a fickle friend, I’ve noticed that I’m not as sharp as I once was, but I hope that’s just mellowing not getting dull!

  3. Jenny Mackness says:

    Many thanks for the explanation on how you did this. Very helpful. Memory just mellowing not getting dull is a great way to think about it. I’m going to remember that.


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